Guangxi Hanfang really Bao Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., is a company in order to promote the development of Chinese Bio Industry as its mission, a high-tech enterprise specializing in food, health food, functional nutrition food research and development, service and sales, mainly in the alpha linolenic acid series products research, development and sales.

The company has a mature sales network, strong economic strength and a new marketing concept, marketing headquarters in Nanning, Guangxi, sales network covering the country's major cities and Hongkong, Macao region. The company not only has its own product R & D, sales and logistics distribution center in Shanghai, but also in high tech park investment to set up a production base, and with major domestic research institutions to maintain good relations of cooperation.

Production base has the international advanced fermentation equipment, polymer distillation equipment, CO2 supercritical extraction device, the international advanced capsule production equipment and GMP standard production workshop.

Companies rely on R & D strength, the spirit of "traditional Chinese medicine as the source, the use of Western medicine, health care, and both Chinese and Western" R & D concept to develop modern Chinese medicine. Has developed a health food and special functional nutritional food two series of more than and 60 varieties, all products through the ISO22000, HACCP international quality management system certification.



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